Avoid Power Outages With Transformer Oil Analysis

transformer oil analysisRegular transformer oil analysis is valuable in monitoring the state of automobile engines, and other oil lubricated equipment. The same holds true for transformer oils used to insulate oil filled transformers and other electrical distribution equipment.

The testing and analysis of insulating oils provides data about the oil, but also allows for the uncovering of other possible troubles, including water in the oil, contact arcing, and aging of the insulating paper inside the transformer.

If an electrical fault has occurred in a transformer, and arc has produced gas into the oil. We can determine these types of problems through testing of the transformer oil and performing an analysis. Preventative maintenance through transformer oil analysis will keep your electrical system running smoothly to give you maximum up time.

The physical and gassing properties of insulating oil are well understood, and they are useful for evaluating equipment condition

Transformer Oil Analysis

Transformers are found at all levels of the industrial infrastructure, from power generating stations to the customer facility. With our specialized testing and analysis we can easily determine things such as burned transformer oil and take proper steps to repair them. We use state of the art transformer oil analysis software.

Redundant supplies or multiple supply routes increase power supply reliability. A large reduction of redundancy can be felt as you move closer to production facilities. On-site reliability issues can result in work stoppages and can include property casualty losses with fire damage.

Avoid power outages with transformer oil analysis

With accurate monitoring of the oil condition, abruptly occurring faults can be exposed in time and power outages can potentially be avoided.

The breakdown of one of the most vital elements, the oil paper insulating system, can only be detected by routine oil analysis.

We are specialists at Carolina Precision Switchgear. We can perform transformer oil analysis on site at your location.

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