Circuit Breaker Repair Plan

In a manufacturing plant keeping everything running at top capacity and having a circuit breaker repair plan is an essential task. The power has to keep flowing so the machines and belts keep running true and steady. The environment has to remain safe, however. That is where electrical switchgear comes in. Low and medium voltage circuit breakers keep the power going exactly where it needs to be with no hitches. Because the breakers are what keeps everything safe and smoothly running in a factory setting, one of the most important features in the maintaining a manufacturing plant is circuit breaker repair. If the circuits are working correctly, the backbone of the plant is.

Circuit breakers are one of the most important pieces of basic electrical safety equipment that is currently regularly used. A more modern cousin of a fuse, it serves the purpose of cutting the electricity out of a line when too much power pushes through the line. The goal is to help prevent electrical fires. Unlike a fuse, however, breakers are not one time use devices. A fuse must be thrown out once it is tripped but a breaker can simply reset. The reusable nature of breakers do require regular circuit breaker repair a necessity to ensure safety.

Circuit Breaker Repair

Without a good repair plan the safety of a circuit breaker can not be guaranteed and so the safety of a manufacturing plant. In a mild scenario, the breaker will overload and trip and, because of a state of disrepair, not be able to be reset. A tripped circuit breaker can cause machines and belts to halt which can slow production down. Lights could be knocked out which can cause an unproductive if not unsafe workplace. As a worse case scenario, rather than tripping and not being able to be reset a breaker could not trip at all, which is a serious fire risk.

For the sake of safety, especially in a commercial setting,electrical switchgear must be properly maintained. Circuit breaker repair is an important thing for every manufacturing plant to consider. Without an effective plan for upkeep the efficiency of a company can be at stake, or worse; the safety.

We can perform repairs and maintenance anywhere in the country. If you are experiencing circuit breaker problems, we can help get you up and running. Please call Carolina Precision Switchgear for more information.

Circuit breaker repair is our specialty.

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