Circuit Breaker Repair Plan

In a manufacturing plant keeping everything running at top capacity and having a circuit breaker repair plan is an essential task. The power has to keep flowing so the machines and belts keep running true and steady. The environment has to remain safe, however. That is where electrical switchgear comes in. Low and medium voltage circuit breakers keep the power going exactly where it needs to be with no hitches. Because the breakers are what keeps everything safe and smoothly running in a factory setting, . . . → Read More: Circuit Breaker Repair Plan

Avoid Power Outages With Transformer Oil Analysis

Regular transformer oil analysis is valuable in monitoring the state of automobile engines, and other oil lubricated equipment. The same holds true for transformer oils used to insulate oil filled transformers and other electrical distribution equipment.

The testing and analysis of insulating oils provides data about the oil, but also allows for the uncovering of other possible troubles, including water in the oil, contact arcing, and aging of the insulating paper inside the transformer.

If an electrical fault has occurred in a transformer, . . . → Read More: Avoid Power Outages With Transformer Oil Analysis