Perform Infrared Thermal Imaging To Prevent Electrical System Failure

You never want to experience an electrical system failure when it could have easily been prevented by infrared thermal imaging scanning. Electrical systems and distribution systems are what drives industry and economy. The problem with this is that some systems are outdated or they are not energy efficient. Relying on systems that are old can bring problems such as system failure and the paralyzing of productivity. Some electrical components seem ancient and they are more a hazard than they are an asset.

In order to maintain these systems and to prevent system failure, new technology has been developed. This technology relies on heat signatures and images that can be seen with a camera. Infrared Thermal Imaging is a diagnostic and preventive tool in the electrical field. This technology allows technicians to see and measure the temperatures of different components, corrosion, fatigue and chemical contamination of circuits and machine. There are different systems that are not working 100% and that they are wasting energy. Finding these machines or electrical systems can help prevent malfunctions and costly repairs. Thermal Imaging can see this problems without having to open the circuits or machines.

One of the major risks of faulty components and hardware like generators, pole top connections and transformers is overheating and some components like transformers can actually blow up and cause other electrical failures. Scanning these components can help save time, money and wasted money in backed up production times.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Using this technology can enable maintenance engineers schedule maintenance according to the problems found via infrared scanning. Maintaining electrical components like transformers and the like can help companies save money when it comes to insurance premiums and liability. Faulty electrical systems can result in the loss of human life or injuries.

Thermal energy can help a facility avoid the loss of money in energy because of faulty and overheated electrical systems and rotating assets, compressed air because of faulty wiring or pipes and fittings. This is done by obtaining information about the reliability of their systems.

Predictive standard maintenance is a good way to figure out ways to save money and boost production up in a factory or manufacturing facility. Learning how a system is working can help save energy, increase safety and even productivity.

Let us find these possible faults before your electrical system shuts down and costs you money and time. Please call us for more information.

Infrared Thermal Imaging is our business here at Carolina Precision Switchgear.

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