Thermal Imaging Cameras Help Prevent Circuit Breaker Outages

How we use thermal imaging to prevent electrical outages.

Building maintenance is not always the most interesting of tasks. In an economy where budgets are being cut, both in the public and private sectors, sometimes necessary maintenance can get put to one side. However, this can be a mistake – by leaving problems for too long, they can develop into expensive headaches, which suddenly need to be repaired; in the worst cases, ignoring maintenance tasks can cause a safety issue, which opens up your business to the threat of lawsuits.

However, by carrying out what is called preventative maintenance, in many cases you can stop potential problems in their tracks. In an effort to lower diagnostic costs, more and more businesses are utilizing a thermal imaging camera for circuit breakers, electrical switchgear and various other investigatory work. Thermal cameras detect the changes in heat in the area at which they are pointed. The device can use these variations in heat to build a picture on a screen.

circuit breaker electrical switchgear maintenanceThese devices are fast becoming an essential tool for preventative maintenance work because they show where heat is leaking from pipes or where electrical equipment is giving off more heat than it should. For example, in the case of using a thermal imaging camera for circuit breakers, the technician would point the device at all the circuit breakers. If the resulting image on the screen suggests that a high amount of heat is being generated from a specific breaker then it may indicate that there is some damage. The cost for replacing the breaker at this point is small; however, if the issue was left for an extended period of time, so that damage was done to equipment – or worse, a person – costs could quickly rise.

Applications for thermal cameras extend past circuit breakers. The thermal imaging camera does not just detect heat being given off from a surface, but it detects the heat reflected from different materials. By comparing the reflection of heat from different surfaces it is able to build up a very accurate picture. Due to this, the cameras are commonly used for checking for problems with pipes, for checking the cooling systems of electrical substations, and for diagnosing cabling problems within walls.

Thermal imaging cameras are one of the most useful tools a maintenance technician can possess. By allowing the technician to see within equipment, walls, or any other solid item, when used correctly, they can vastly reduce the cost of preventative repair.

At Carolina Precision Switchgear, we use the latest technology in thermal imaging cameras to detect and prevent circuit breaker problems in your manufacturing plant. You do not want any equipment downtime, especially when it can be easily detected with preventative maintenance.

Call Carolina Precision Switchgear today for a complete equipment inspection using thermal imaging.

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