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ON-SITE SERVICES: Carolina Precision Switchgear — Charlotte, NC

Electrical Switchgear Mobile Service

click picPrimary Injection Test Set:
Carolina Precision Switchgear is equipped with a Primary Injection Test Set Model CB-7745 with a new MAC-20 digital upgrade for relay testing. (see photo lower right)

  • Durability
  • Accuracy
  • Verification
  • Primary Current Injection

Your site or ours, we implement the most accurate and durable testing procedures available in the industry.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Our top of the line thermal imaging camera will identify electrical faults, therefore eliminating the probability of a fire or unanticipated shutdown, or worse, a catastrophic failure.
By monitoring equipment performance and scheduling maintenance when required, facilities decrease the probability of unexpected downtime due to equipment malfunction, spend less on maintenance fees and equipment repair costs, extend the lifespan of their machines, and therefore get the most out of maintenance and production.

There are thousands of control panels and switchgear throughout the country where fault conditions can not be seen by plant maintenance or electricians. Infrared thermal imaging is the most capable way to identify faults, loose connections and hot spots. High temperature is frequently an early indication of equipment damage or break down, making it a key indicator in predictive maintenance programs. CPS’s certified technicians who perform thermographic surveys check the temperature of critical equipment, which allows them to track operating conditions and promptly identify abnormal readings for additional inspections.

Common standards for infrared thermographic imaging addresses the subject of removing panel covers. At this time, no one has to abide by any specific standard, but a company’s liability is greater than before if they have not followed an accepted procedure and a disaster occurs. There is no supportive documentation of cover panels that are not removed before performing the thermographic imaging. Because of the reasons stated previously, processing video or snapping an infrared thermography image with covered panels, would be nearly pointless. Recording and documenting the truth that the survey was performed without removing panel covers, will add to the liability of the testing company and facility being surveyed.

Carolina Precision Switchgear specializes in electrical thermographic surveys. Give us a call today for a free quote!

Infrared Diagnostics
Thermal Imaging


  • Shorter outages
  • Eliminates receipt inspections
  • Our mobile trailer comes to you
  • CPS service technicians can reply to questions
  • Breaker shipping is eliminated


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For more information or to request service, please call Carolina Precision Switchgear today at 704-596-4242, or use our quick & convenient Online Contact Form.

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